Sleep Paralysis: Lessons In Exercising Authority Over Demons

Published: 09th August 2010
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My most recent sleep paralysis attack happened last week after I finished working on a press release. I had been up most of the night and by 2 PM I couldn't keep my eyes open. I stretched out on a couch on my back porch, prayed for protection, then closed my eyes. Some time later, I felt a numbing sensation all over my body. My tongue started to feel the way it did when I used to hold it against a 9 volt battery for kicks when I was a kid. I knew I was in the presence of evil and an attack was under way.

Before it could fully seize me, I rebuked it by saying, "Satan, I bind you up in the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave, now!" It immediately began to retreat and everything returned to normal.

Now, this has happened before. I've prayed for protection and still found myself experiencing paralysis. When it first occurred, I began to question the effectiveness of prayer. If I asked God to protect me from an attack, why did it happen?

I quickly got control of my thoughts because the last thing I wanted was to begin doubting God. I meditated on it for a few days and I received my answer. God is always present, ready to send his warring angels to fight for us when we are in distress, but he likes us to stand on our own two feet and exercise the authority he's given us to trample on the enemy.

I'm a seasoned warrior. If I can assert my authority over the devil and send him running, why should God intervene? It strengthens my faith when I know that I can pray and angels will come to my rescue. But it strengthens it even more when I can stand up against the enemy myself, knowing that although the cavalry is not jumping in, they've got my back.

Who knows? Maybe it was an angel who woke me up when the enemy was approaching, and told me it was time to fight. I believe that was the case. I'm being prepared for greater battles. I know it. I've stood up to him so many times over the years, I don't fear him in the least.

I was at a Benny Hinn meeting once at an arena in the Meadowlands in New Jersey. I was volunteering as an usher on the main floor, when I heard a loud commotion coming from the section behind me. I looked and saw a demon possessed woman on her side, rolling down the aisle toward me. I quickly assessed the situation. The incident was contained to that one area for the time being, but if that woman was allowed to continue rolling down the center aisle, the entire meeting was going to be disrupted.

What troubled me is that, not only were the people sitting down terrified, but so were the ushers working that area. These were Christians. I asked myself, "Where is their faith?"

This woman was quickly making her way toward where I was standing. I moved to the center of the aisle and waited until she got just a few feet away, pointed at her and said softly, but authoritatively, "Peace! Be still!" She came to a sudden stop and some ushers quietly took her out.

The point I want to make here is this: If God hadn't allowed me to battle with the enemy all these years and learn to use the authority I've been given, I would not have been able to do what I did. I was prepared to be a warrior who can fight, not one who always calls in the cavalry to do the fighting for me. Like a police officer who calls for backup before approaching a vehicle, I realize that when I pray before going to sleep, I'm requesting spiritual backup to assist me in my fight against the enemy. My fight.

I don't recall a single time when I called out for divine help while experiencing sleep paralysis, that God actually intervened. He's stepped in and rescued me from other things, but not from this. What I've learned about God is that he's all about growing us to have dominion over the earth. We can't have that dominion if we can't stand up to the enemy. God gives us opportunities to distinguish ourselves in battle, to strengthen our own heart and to weaken the enemy.

The more we send him fleeing, the more cautious he becomes, and the more powerless he becomes over us. He never stops trying; at least he hasn't with me. But I'm not fazed by his presence. I know who I am and Whose I am. I'm a warrior of God, and as long as I walk in that awareness there's nothing he can do to hurt me.

I'm thankful that through these bouts with sleep paralysis I've been prepared for the battle. And it's a good thing because I believe there are even greater battles ahead when we all will have to stand on our own feet . . . because in those days help won't be coming.

Charles Allen is a writer of urban and paranormal fiction, and author of the novel, The Gangsta Prophecy. His website is

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